Wednesday, 2 December 2015

sap fico training in bangalore

What is SAP FICO:
The FICO in SAP FICO stands for money Accounting (FI) and dominant (CO). These modules of your ERP answer that has been designed to fulfill all accounting and news needs. With simply a click of a button, you'll gather data, analyze, prepare money statements, reports and generate charts which will be conferred to the management with bigger accuracy and connectedness. It’s the go-to crony that helps you do all the accounting and dominant responsibilities during a timely manner. Each the FI and CO modules store giant amounts of monetary knowledge and also the needed tools that assist you in performing arts the assorted transactions, generate useful reports and maintain a extremely reliable economic system. If you're A bourgeois or finance manager, desiring to master the SAP FICO application, skip right ahead to our course on SAP FICO system.
sap fico training in bangalore

Features of the FI (Financial) Module:
SAP money Accounting (FI) is that the core module than manages all money transactions, for internal also as external auditing functions. Its core parts square measure leger Accounting (G/L), assets and Accounts Payable (AR/AP) process, and glued quality Accounting (AA). SAP money Accounting (FI) conjointly includes Bank Accounting, Funds Management, Legal Consolidations, Special Purpose Ledger, Travel Management etc. Let’s take glance at the most important parts.
The assets records maintain and manage all transactions with customers and purchasers. This specially tailored assets course will assist you learn the way to manage incoming money flows with SAP FICO
sap fico training in bangalore

The Account liabilities record tracks and manage all cash collectible to vendors or suppliers. You’ll wish to ascertain out this Accounts liabilities course to be told additional details concerning a way to manage this.